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Smart Year-End Money Moves

money Set aside your shopping cart, and pay a little attention to your fiscal fitness as the year draws to an end. Kiplinger says its time to get your financial house in order to beat a December 31 deadline in some cases.

Top Toys for 2013

toys Last week, we featured the "worst" toys. This week, the "best" toys. Here are several top toy lists: FamilyFun magazine, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Good Housekeeping magazine, and Amazon's Top 100 Toys & Games list.


Food Fake Out

The food label proclaims something yummy, but a check of the fine print reveals you are really getting something else. Consumer Reports spotlights eight grocery products that are not quite what they seem.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Holy Sheets: Paper Towel Size Madness

mouse print MrConsumer hates the way companies market paper towels. Instead of clearly telling you in big print how many sheets are on a roll, they proclaim that six "mega" rolls are equal to eight regular rolls, but six "big" rolls are also equal to eight regular rolls, and six "huge" rolls are equal to 15 regular ones. Stop the insanity! That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Free 2-Day Shipping at 5 Retailers

For the next six months, you can get free 2-day shipping (up to $20) at Macy's, Best Buy, QVC, Kohl's, and Walmart, if you pay with a registered MasterCard. Sign up here. If you agree to pay $69 a year, you get access to 25 more stores.

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Consumer Reports

Cut Your AT&T Wireless Bill

Last week, AT&T Wireless announced that it would reduce the monthly charge for customers who kept their old phone after their two year contract was up. That's only fair, since $15-$20 is embedded in that monthly fee as a subsidy for the deeply discounted phone you most likely purchased. Consumer Reports says moving into this new plan could save you 10-15%.

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