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Click vs. Brick: Dramatic Price Differences Found at the Same Chain

Click vs. Brick Did you know that the same store could have different prices on some items depending on whether you shop at their brick-and-mortar location versus their website? A spot-check of prices by Consumer World reveals there is no rhyme or reason to know which items will be the same price or different online, so you always have to check both places to save the most.

10 Ways Companies Trick You Into Buying More

shopping Visual and psychological tricks are among the techniques used by sellers to get you to buy their merchandise. Here are some of the things they do to loosen your purse-strings. In a separate story, this college professor suggests a new way to avoid impulse buying: be grateful for what you have. And he has the research to back up his claim!


Big Changes in the Fine Print of Health Insurance Plans

If you purchased health insurance last year from the health exchange, you better check the fine print of the 2015 policy. The little and not so little inconspicuous tweaks could cost you a fortune. Deductibles are increasing in one out of four plans, and the out of pocket maximum is going up for one-third of registrants. If you bought your plan from, you can use this tool that highlights the changes for you.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- There's Free Shipping, Then There's Really Free Shipping

mouse print "Free" is the most powerful word in any marketer's lexicon. Unfortunately, when an ad says Free**, then you have worry that there are some additional strings attached. Witness how Walmart advertises "free shipping" vs. Target. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Citi Intros New 2% Cash Back Credit Card

There are very few true 2% cash back credit cards. Citi has now joined the fray by introducing its new Double Cash card. You get 1% back for all purchases, and an additional 1% back when you pay for the items. After accumulating $25 in cash back, you can cash in. The card also has good benefits like Citi's Price Rewind (that gives you back money if an item goes down in price within 60 days after you buy it).

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Consumer Reports

Which Brands of Batteries are Best?

Consumer Reports tested more than a dozen brands of AA batteries to find the longest lasting ones. Here are the winners. We recommend, however, that you buy rechargeable batteries that will save you a bundle over time. In particular, Consumer World recommends Eneloop rechargeables at Costco - 10 AA and 4 AAA, with a charger on sale for $23.99 for a short time (in-store only).

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