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Cable Subscribers to be Hit with New Fee as Boxes May be Required for All TVs

HDTV If you have an HDTV in your kitchen, office or bedroom, and only watch local channels, you have been able to connect the cable wire directly to the TV and not have pay a monthly rental fee for a converter box. That is about to change because of a little-noticed FCC order going into effect December 10. In short, cable companies that are all digital may at their option begin to encrypt even basic local channels, thus requiring you to rent a cable box, raising your monthly costs. Add your comments about this change, or read others'.

More Drugs Interact with Grapefruit

grapefruit Last week, scientists announced that 26 new drugs have been reported to adversely interact with grapefruit juice , and should not be consumed together. The interaction often heightens the effect of the drugs, mimicking an overdose. One pill could equal twenty. Here is the full list of 85 drugs and the level of possible harm.


Best and Worst Things to Buy in December

shopping bags Just on the off chance that you might be shopping for something this month, here are tips on what's hot and what's not in December.

13 Ways You Waste Money During the Holidays

By making so many purchase transactions during the holiday shopping season, you are likely to trip yourself up and spend more than you need to. Slap yourself if you are not following these rules.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- AMEX Allows You to Opt-Out of Mandatory Arbitration

mouse print In an unusual move, American Express is allowing cardholders to retain all their consumer rights when having a dispute with the company. We read the fine print of notice and tell you how to opt-out of mandatory arbitration. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Entertainment Coupon Books - $19.99 - Free Shipping

Entertainment has launched its annual $19.99 sale on all 2013 Entertainment coupon books. Additional books are only $15 each. Shipping is free, and orders placed by December 9 will arrive in the time for Christmas. A great gift for bargain hunters. ++

Money Back on Two Top Dishwasher Detergents

Ever since MrConsumer got his new Maytag dishwasher two years ago, he's been having problems with the silverware not getting clean. Good old Cascade just was not doing the trick. Now the makers of both Cascade Action/Cascade Complete Pacs and Finish Quantum [expires 12/31] are each offering money back satisfaction guarantees. Save your receipts!

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Study Finds Bacteria and Drug Residue in Pork

Consumer Reports tested pork chops and ground pork around the country and found over two-thirds had bacteria that could cause digestive upset.

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