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What's $100 Worth in Your State?

money Because the costs of various essential things vary from state, your dollars can be worth more in certain states than others. In Mississippi, for example, your money is worth 40% more than in Washington, DC. See how the states compare.

12 Things to Buy Generic, and 4 You Shouldn't

generics Many people will only buy the brand name of groceries, health and beauty aids, etc. But for many products, there is no real difference, and you are paying extra needlessly for a famous name. Here are some examples, not all of which we agree with.


Cut Your Car Insurance Rates, But There is a Big But

Some auto insurance companies are now offering what's known as usage-based insurance. In return for letting them track every move your car makes, your rates could be cut up to 20%. But there are privacy concerns, and do you really want to receive a report card on how often you speed, accelerate, etc.? And even if you have not volunteered for an insurance tracking program, your car could still be spying on you! [Note: these are two separate stories]

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- When Good Rebates Go Bad, Part 2

mouse print In July we told you about a rebate snafu at Newegg that would result in hundreds of Samsung TV purchasers getting their rebates wrongfully denied because of an error on the rebate form. Newegg stepped up to the plate, wrote to all affected customers, promising to honor the rebate. Great. But we wouldn't be writing a follow-up unless something went drastically wrong. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Where to Get Free Books and Magazines

The Internet is a wonderful source of free books and magazines. Money Talk News offers tips on where to find them.

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Winners and Losers at Sears

Consumer Reports just reviewed their latest tests of various product categories and came out with a list of products to get and products to forget at Sears.

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