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Sunscreens Over 50 SPF Burn Money

If you buy a sunscreen over 50 SPF, you are wasting money. Experts say that an SPF of 100, rather than giving you twice the protection of one with 50, only gives you 1% more. And forget the "waterproof" claims you see on labels. The FDA is banning them starting in 2013. Here is the NBC report.

13 Things You Can Get Free

free This is one of the better "free stuff" lists, with ways to get free wi-fi, free lessons, free stuff from your cable provider, free ebooks, free movie tickets, and more.

Hotel Chains Rated

Over 60,000 hotel guests were questioned about how satisfied they were with their stays. Here are the rankings of hotels in various categories from budget to luxury. Visit for customer reviews of specific hotel locations.


20 Ways to Save on Food

cart Yes, we all know that clipping coupons can save money, but here are some other ways to cut the cost of food, particularly important with the higher prices that are coming as a result of the drought.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- The Straight Poop About Online Product Reviews

mouse print Shoppers unfortunately have to be skeptical of online product reviews. While they can provide great insights of actual product purchasers, they can also be manipulated by marketers trying to boost sales. See what one company offered MrConsumer to post a review online, and how he responded. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Get $25 When You Load $25 on a New AMEX Prepaid Card

This offer is different from (and easier than) the one of a few weeks ago. Apply for a free prepaid AMEX "Serve" card, add $25 from your checking account or existing debit card, and almost immediately get $25 more added to the card by AMEX. For new customers only. After funds have been applied to your account and clear, you could theoretically eTransfer the $50 back to your checking account if you like.

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Consumer Reports

Some New Cars are Cheaper than Buying Used Cars

Consumer Reports crunched the numbers to see if buying a used car was still a better deal than buying new. Surprise... in a few cases, the new car was less costly.

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