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OOPS: Comcast Featured Reality Star in "Real People" Commercial

Comcast You've probably seen Comcast's "real people, not actors" commercials where everyday folks make positive comments about Xfinity services. Consumer World discovered, however, that the man featured in a just-ended Comcast commercial previously starred in not one, but two reality TV shows.

US News Unveils Top 20 Hospitals

hospital The list of the 20 top hospitals was published last week by US News, but those toward the bottom of the list only garnered half as many points as those at the top. Here is a second set of listings based on a particular specialty.


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Check if Your Email Address or Username Have Been Compromised

scam With so many online data breaches, most of us have probably been hit one or more times. It is scary to think that some crook may have your email or username and password. This site, recommended by the Wall Street Journal, lets you check if are a victim.

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Mouse Print* -- Samsung's TV Warranty Suggests Limiting Your Viewing of Certain Stations/Programs or Else!

mouse print Say what? Tucked away in the warranty for Samsung HDTVs is a provision recommending that you limit viewing of certain types of programming, and if you don't, a part of the warranty will not apply. Say what? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

T-Mobile - 2 Lines Unlimited Talk, Text and 4G-LTE Data - $60 Total

Catch: One person must be 55 years old or older, and you must sign up for autopay in order to pay $60 for two voice lines of service. T-Mobile includes all taxes and fees in their advertised price. Paying $30 a month (times 2) is a great deal for unlimited service from a name brand carrier. Make sure T-Mobile has a strong signal where you are. Beware, there may be a $25 charge for sim cards. Look elsewhere for less expensive TMO ones. ++

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Beware Auto Purchase Junk Fees

You think you struck a deal for a particular price for your new car, but when you review the paperwork, a whole bunch of junk fees have been added. Consumer Reports offers tips on how to minimize these extra fees.

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