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Why Seniors Fall for Scams

scammer Consumer advocates have always been aware that seniors seem to fall prey to scams more easily than younger people. We always said they were more trusting because they grew up at time when you could take a man at his word, and a handshake consummated a deal. Now new research suggests that there is a physiological reason that seniors are more vulnerable to scams. This is mind-blowing research and must reading. Last March, an episode of Dan Rather Reports called "Just Hang Up" went behind the scenes of scams and their victims, and interviewed the researcher who discovered the biological basis for senior citizens being more trusting. You can view the episode free from YouTube.

Playing the Car Rental Coupon Game

car One of the best ways to save on car rentals is by using a coupon that gives you both dollars off a particular rental plus a discount percentage off. Finding great coupons is hard. Our tip is to check the coupon codes at, and if you are not a member, you can try using those codes at say Travelocity. People with Entertainment coupon books should also check those coupons for better than average savings.


10 Things Truck Rental Companies Won't Tell You

If your kids are planning to rent a truck to move to a new apartment next month, you better have them read this story, so they know about the tricks and traps that they might encounter.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Questioning Carbonite's "Unlimited" Backup Service Claims

mouse print Imagine paying for an unlimited online backup service, but discovering weeks later that files you thought were sent to the cloud for backup are still sitting on your hard drive in queue. One of the biggest players in this business was accused of burying a dirty little secret about the speed of its service. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

$10 Off a $30 Kohl's Purchase Coupon

If you buy anything at Staples stores, the receipt will print a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon good at Kohl's stores. Must make purchase at Staples by September 2, and redeem at Kohl's by September 23. Reports are that the coupon is miscoded in Kohl's computers, and may work on purchases of $10 or more. Coupon is stackable, apparently, with Kohl's percent-off coupons. (Their extra percent-off sale for Kohl's cardholders is running through August 18th.)

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Best Used Car Deals

Consumer Reports scoured the market to find what it thinks are the best used car deals available this summer. Here's their list.

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