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Attention Massachusetts Shoppers

  • New supermarket survey compares six chains' prices.

  • 10 Tips to Tackle Tax-Free Weekend.

    Cell Service Rated in Major Cities

    cellphone Root Metrics just released results of its cell service tests for the first half of 2015. Major cities like New York and Los Angeles fair worse than smaller cities. See which carriers perform best in your area. And here are the cities listed best to worst for cell performance.

    Beware Fake Windows 10 Upgrade Email

    Windows Windows 10 is slowing rolling out free copies of its new operating system, but that has given rise to the latest costly and dangerous scam. An email that appears to be from Microsoft is being sent with a zipped attachment supposedly containing the new software. Don't unzip that file! It will lock and encrypt your computer, and throw up a ransom demand on the screen to get a code to release your files. Here is a video of what happens if you try to install this malware.


    14 Bizarre Things People Do to Save Money

    piggy bank Once upon a time, before digital scales, MrConsumer knew how many strands of spaghetti were in a quarter of a pound, so he could portion out servings without cooking too much. Crazy, right? Here are other ways that some consumers go overboard when pinching pennies.

    Consumer World Exclusive

    Mouse Print* -- Walmart's Got the Lowest Priced Unlimited Cell Plan?

    mouse print To hear Walmart tell it in their latest TV commercial, they are offering the lowest priced cell plan in the country. Of course, we wouldn't be writing about it in Mouse Print* if the claim was completely true. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Bargain of the Week

    Spend $25 at Member Restaurants, Get $25 Back in ShopYourWay Points

    If you are a member of ShopYourWay, the Sears and Kmart loyalty program, you can get $25 back in points in August for eating at listed restaurants, and $10 back in August by buying stuff at other ShopYourWay member stores (not Sears/Kmart). You must use a credit card that you have linked to your ShopYourWay account (and relink it for the restaurant program). Here is a partner list.

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    Consumer Reports

    The Truth About Car Insurance

    Consumer Reports says in this major investigation that how much you pay for car insurance may have little to do with how good a driver you are! So what does count? Here's the answer.

    Kiplinger Personal Finance

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