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phone Cable Companies Put Customers' Safety at Risk by Eliminating Free Backup Batteries in Phone Equipment

Cities with the Most/Least Affordable Homes

homes Spring is the busiest home buying and selling season. Some metropolitan areas are offering great deals and others are still ridiculously high-priced. Here are cities with the lowest price per square foot and those with the highest price.

The Retirement Gamble

Retirement Gamble PBS' Frontline program just aired an investigation about retirement plans and investments that could put your IRA and 401(k) in jeopardy. In some cases, the costs of these plans are greater than what the contributer gets in return. Learn about the many pitfalls of investing for retirement in "The Retirement Gamble" (1 hour video).


Best Banks/Worst Banks

piggy bank Over 50,000 depositors were polled and asked to rate their bank on such things as fees, problem resolution, product offerings, providing account information, etc. The results (sorted by region of the country) reveal a few five-star banks and some with as few as two stars. Check the rank of your bank.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Sharp Deal: A Free Knife?

mouse print Marketers love to use the word "free" because it grabs your attention and who doesn't want something for nothing. Our trusty mouse looks at an Internet offer promising a free knife, but discovers a lot more than high shipping charges. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Candy Bar at CVS

If you have a CVS drugstore in your area, they are giving away free one to two-ounce Hershey's and Mars candy bars through Saturday, the 4th. Just scan your ExtraCare card at their coupon dispenser, and take the 99-cent coupon to the cashier with your candy bar. Free candy includes Kit Kat, Snickers, Reese's, M&Ms, and Hershey bars.

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Consumer Reports

How to Avoid Certain Travel Fees

Airlines and hotels have taken a lesson from banks and cell companies by finding ways to charge you fees for things that used to be included in the price you paid. Here are some ways to avoid common fees.

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