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10 Things All-Inclusive Vacations Won't Tell You

hammock The idea of paying one price so you do not have to reach into your pocket for food, drinks, activities, etc. when on vacation is an appealing concept. The trouble is, all-inclusive vacations may not be all they are cracked up to be.

Best/Worst Values in New Cars

car Consumer Reports has compiled a list of cars that offer the best or worst combination of performance, utility, and reliability for the money, considering all owner costs over a five-year period.


How to Get Out of a Wireless Contract Without Paying an Early Termination Fee

cell Every time you buy a cellphone at a deeply discounted price directly from the carrier, you get roped in to a two-year contract with hefty early termination fees. There are some techniques, however, whereby you can break your contract and not have to pay up to a $350 penalty to the carrier.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Where’s the Beef err… Pomegranate Juice?

mouse print Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments related to the allegedly deceptive label on Minute Maid Pomegranate-Blueberry juice blend. We disclose the scant amount of those juices in each bottle (and one key missing ingredient). That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Keurig OfficePro #145 Coffeemaker -- $31.24 Net After Promotions

Here is a crazy deal good through May 3, while quantities last. The Keurig OfficePro 145 normally sells for $129.99, but Staples stores (ONLY) has it on sale for $99.99. (Yes, it is slightly cheaper online, but coupons don't apply there.). They also have a breakroom coupon for 25% off any one item, a coupon for 25% back in Staples rewards, and a $25 gift card via Easy Rebate. So you can walk out of the store paying $99.99 - 25% = $74.99 plus tax, and get back $43.75 in Staples credit.

Get $30 Off Certain $60 Purchases at Staples

Here's another crazy deal that is kind of a scavenger hunt at and phone orders too. (Not good in their retail stores.) Buy at least $60 of "retail store supplies" and with coupon code 58112, get $30 off your order. One per customer, expires 5/3. This thread will give you ideas of what items qualify.

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Consumer Reports

Why New Dishwashers Take So Long

If you are still using an old dishwasher that takes 45 minutes to run a normal cycle, consider yourself lucky. Today's models can easily take two to three hours to do the same job. Consumer Reports explains why.

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