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NY-AG Accuses Walgreens of Deceptive Pricing Practices

Walgreens The New York Attorney General last week got half a million dollars from Walgreens to settle some serious charges. The AG alleged that the drugstore chain charged more than posted prices, represented items as "smart buys" when they really were regular price, implied that discounts were instant when they were not, and more.

Damaged a Rental Car? The Nightmare Begins!

car Most savvy consumers decline rental car insurance because they have coverage through their own policy or their credit card. Even with these coverages, there is a harsh reality if you damage a rental car, [click top link on redirect page] as one reporter experienced first hand.


35 Hacks to Save You Big Bucks

money The ultimate cheapskate, Jeff Yaeger, knows how to stretch a buck. Here are some unconventional savings tips to squeeze out a few extra pennies (and dollars) on everything you buy.

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Mouse Print* -- Early Withdrawal Penalties Reach New High (or Low)

mouse print Traditionally, if you want to take money out of a certificate of deposit prematurely, you lose up to three months-worth of accumulated interest. However, banks and even credit unions are now jacking up the penalty such that it might actually eat into the principal of your account. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Monday Only: 40% off Sherwin Williams Paint

Monday ONLY April 25: Get ready for that spring paint job with 40% off paint and stains at Sherwin Williams stores. No coupon needed. You can apply this $10 off a $50 purchase coupon to your order in addition. Some AMEX cardholders have an offer waiting to be added to their account on the AMEX offers section of the card website for $75 back on a $250 purchase.

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5 Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

One of the biggest complaints about most cellphones is battery life. Consumer Reports tested dozens of smartphones and found the five with the longest battery life.

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