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Got Flights? Know Your Rights!

airline In the wake of the United Airlines debacle where a passenger was dragged off the plane to make his seat available to others, the U.S. Department of Transportation just published a new guide to flyers' rights. Included are the rules about denied boarding compensation, tarmac delays, lost baggage, ticket refunds, and more.

Top 10 Large Capacity Washers

wasjher Consumer Reports tests dozen of washing machines every year, and only some get very good or excellent ratings. Here are five large capacity top loaders and five large capacity front loaders that got top washing machine honors. Unfortunately, most are not cheap.


An Anti-Aging Pill for People and Pets?

pills Is the fountain of youth going to become a reality? Rapamycin, a cancer drug, has a reputation as the most consistent ways to postpone death, at least in laboratory species such as lies, worms, and rodents. Feed the compound to mice and they live 25 percent longer, on average. Now tests are underway on this and other drugs to see if they can extend the life of dogs. And on the horizon: human life extension.

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Mouse Print* -- Can Prevagen Do What it Claims?

mouse print For the past several years, a commercial has been running on TV claiming amazing things for pills derived from a chemical originally found in jellyfish. But now, some people in high consumer places aren't buying it. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Bag of Nutro Dog Food

Monday, April 24th only: Get a free four to five pound bag of Nutro dog food at Petco stores and Unleashed by Petco. Just print this coupon and show your Pals Rewards card at checkout. Some varieties of this product normally sell for $19.99!

Get a Free or Cheap Pretzel on National Pretzel Day

Celebrate "National Pretzel Day" on Wednesday, April 26 at participating locations of various chains. Here is an additional chain. Other stores may participate locally. Get a free or 26 cent pretzel at pretzel stores around the country on that day.

24" Dell IPS Monitor - $99.99

This week, through Saturday, Staples has a Dell 24"-class IPS monitor for $99.99 [model SE2416HSC1] -- half of Staples' regular price. (It really only sells for $125 or so elsewhere.) Has HDMI and VGA inputs, but does not come with an HDMI cable. Height is not adjustable. Black Friday price was $10 less.

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Online Doctor Reviews Questioned

Consumer Reports says that you may not be able to rely on online reviews of doctors because too few patients submit reviews to make overall ratings representative. Here's their caution.

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