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See Mouse Print* Story Below About a Failed General Mills Ploy to Muzzle Complainers, Limit Your Rights

10 Cheapest Cities in America

cities If you want to really stretch a dollar, you might have to move because some cities are just so much more expensive to live in. Here are 10 cities (out of 300 examined) that have the lowest cost of living.

Crack the Code on Price Tags

sale Some retailers use special codes on their price signs (mostly for internal use) that identify deeply discounted or discontinued items. If you know the code, you can more easily take advantage of a deal before it is gone.


If Your Store Won't Take Back an Item, This Free Credit Card Benefit is for You

return policy Just your luck. You decide you don't want an item (or it breaks) after the seller's return period has ended. Are you stuck? Maybe not if your credit card has a "return protection" benefit. The typical policy covers you for 90 days, and the credit card issuer will, in essence, buy the item back from you for what you paid (subject to certain limits). Here is how the benefits differ from card to card.

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Mouse Print* -- General Mills: Buy a Box of Cheerios, Give Up Consumer Rights?

mouse print The fine print of a nasty policy change at General Mills last week made big news. It seems the company is heavy-handedly trying to stop people from suing it over health claims, misrepresentations, etc., by imposing a mandatory arbitration clause on any consumer who merely downloads a coupon or perhaps just buys a box of cereal at the store. [Don't miss included update at the end.] That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Stuff from Harbor Freight

Through April 30th, Harbor Freight (tools stores) has coupons for free merchandise: scissors, LED flashlight, and a tape measure. You can only use one coupon per day. (Coupons are also on the back page of this past Sunday's Parade magazine, with an additional item.) Thanks to Dan K. for the bargain tip.

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5 Steps to Protect Your Smartphone from Loss

If you lose your smartphone or someone steals it, a lot of your personal and financial information could be at risk. Here are the steps to take to secure your phone, and also what to do if your phone is stolen or lost.

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