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Your Smartphone Easily Hacked

cell In this 60 Minutes story, hackers are able to exploit a security hole in the cell system to get into your smartphone, listen in, and even turn on your camera. To do this, all hackers need is your phone number. In another experiment not shown on the show, they only need to tap your phone.

Exaggerated List Prices Deceive Shoppers

Amazon Why do sellers put exaggerated list prices on goods? It makes their sale price look more tempting to bargain hunters. The New York Times examines some crazy discounts [ click top link on redirect page] -- 99 percent off or more -- but no consumer authority, including a Massachusetts federal judge, seems to care (except us). We wrote about this problem in 2010 and 2012 in Mouse Print*.


Airline Lost Your Bags? Just Try to Get Your Luggage Fees Refunded!

luggage New York Times money columist Ron Lieber had a problem. Delta Air Lines took 30 hours to find and deliver his luggage which they lost. Reasonably, he wanted a refund of all the per bag fees he paid. That's when the real fun began. But there is hope because of two bills in Congress.

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Mouse Print* -- Citi's New Credit Card Fine Print Improves Benefits

mouse print It is rarely good news when a credit card issuer sends out a change in terms. But, the notice from Citi arriving in cardholders' mailboxes this week is an exception. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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