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Windows Update May Shrink Your Fonts

fonts The massive free Windows 10 Creators Update is rolling out now and will take hours to install. Worse, the size of the text under your desktop icons will become tiny as well as text in File Explorer and on some menus if you previously enlarged them. They forgot that not everyone has 20-something vision. The little-known control to change the font size has been removed in the new version of Windows 10 (formerly in Control Panel --> Display). But you can install this small utility to restore the ability to enlarge the fonts. There is still no way to enlarge the fonts in the Microsoft Edge browser (zooming distorts graphics). Note also that privacy settings have been restored to default values and some functions have been turned off like being able to set restore points.

Take This CyberSecurity Quiz

idea man Test your knowledge on cybersecurity topics and terms by taking this 10-question quiz. Then, you can see how you did compared to the thousand Americans who were surveyed. (Hint: the typical respondent only got five of 13 questions correct on a slightly longer test.)


FarFetch(ed?): Store of the Future

price tag Opening in London and New York this fall is the FarFetch (that's the name of the technology) "store of the future." It is going to collect data about you as soon as you walk in the store, as well as when you pick up items and try on clothing. Here is a Q&A interview with the developers.

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Mouse Print* -- MyPillow Adjusts its Advertising Without Much Improvement

mouse print Not long ago, the BBB pulled the accreditation of MyPillow and lowered the company's rating to an "F" because of its misleading sales promotions of buy one, get one free offers. Has anything changed since? That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Recycle Old Electronics, Get $10 off $30 Purchase Coupon at Staples

This week, Staples is encouraging people to recycle their old electronics by offering a coupon good for $10 off a $30 purchase (on regular priced and clearance priced items ONLY). One coupon per Staples Rewards member irrespective of the number of items recycled. See website for qualifying items. Coupon expires 5/13.

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