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Tax Day Freebies and Cheapies

Free To ease the pain of paying taxes on April 15, a number of restaurants and fast food outlets are offering some giveaways and deals. A few of the offers even extend a little beyond the 15th.

How Stores Spy on You

spying You are being watched when you shop, and that information can be matched with other data to help build a profile of you. ShopSmart looks at the various ways we are all being tracked by stores, banks, and others. And now some stores even have a "booty cam" in dressing rooms!


Beware Being Billed for Rental Car Insurance You Declined

car Most savvy consumers know that they should decline the costly collision damage waiver "insurance" at the car rental counter because most better credit cards offer you similar protection free. Dollar Rent-a-Car has been alleged to be cramming renters' bills with this insurance even after the consumer has explicitly declined it.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Debt Collectors Masquerade as Local DAs with Their Blessing

mouse print Thousands of people have gotten letters from their local district attorney accusing them of passing a bad check, and threatening them with arrest and fines. The fine print in these four-page letters contains an important secret that worried recipients may miss. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

First Alert Plug-in Carbon Monoxide Detectors -- Buy One, Get One Free

For whatever reason, carbon monoxide detectors are expensive and rarely on sale. Now, however, you can get a First Alert plug-in CO detector with battery backup for $29.99 -- buy one, get one free. So two detectors are a total of $29.99, plus a single shipping charge of $5.95. If you only want one, it is half price. You must use coupon code UMBRELLA1 when you checkout to get this special pricing. Note: 25 states require one or more carbon monoxide detectors in residences.

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Consumer Reports

Some Midsize Cars Get Better Mileage than Small Ones!

Consumer Reports has found three midsize cars that get as good as or better mileage than small ones. Here is a list of some of the better performers.

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