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Most Trusted/Least Trusted Companies

A number of studies have just been released showing which companies and brands Americans trust most and least. Here are Temkin Trust Ratings for 2014 (top/bottom 10), and Sagefrog's 50 most trusted brands, and Entreprenuer's 120 most trusted brands.

11 Little-Known Car Insurance Discounts

car While discounts on auto insurance vary by state, check this list of possible discounts that could apply to your situation.


How to Get Fit in a Few Minutes Per Week

High-intensity interval training is becoming a popular way to get fit without spending a whole lot of time in the gym. This type of exercise gets you working intensively for 30 to 60-seconds, followed by a short rest period. Lather and repeat. New studies suggest that this method really works.

With Ghostery, See Who's Tracking You

A free browser add-on called Ghostery lists the various services that track your online surfing when you visit any particular website. Two other more graphical services that reveal who's tracking you are: Lightbeam for Firefox, and Disconnect. The latter service lets you block these trackers.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- They Advertise "Free" Shipping But Default to "Pay" Shipping

mouse print A big attraction for many shoppers is free shipping. That was one of the deal clinchers for MrConsumer when he helped order a new TV for a senior citizen friend. The problem: a shipping charge was added to the order despite the promise of free shipping. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Tax Day Freebies and Deals

April 15th is a day of dread for many people, but to soothe your wounded wallet, some places are offering tax day freebies and deals. At Boston Market, for example, you can get two half-chicken dinners with two sides for just $10.40. (Normally $7.99 each)

Eggs - 99 Cents/dz.

Through Saturday, Target and Walgreens are both selling large eggs for 99 cents a dozen.

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Consumer Reports

Flawed Study Seemed to OK Butter, Bacon

Last month, a nutrition study concluded that reducing the consumption of saturated fat found in butter, bacon, beef, etc. had little effect on cutting the risk of a heart attack. Consumer Reports cautions, however, that there were some serious problems with that study.

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