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CVS Case Challenges Blind Faith in Store Brands

CVS Eye Health Imagine increasing your chances of going blind sooner because you took store brand pills rather than the proven name brand. That could be the fate of thousands of people who took CVS Advanced Eye Health for advanced macular degeneration. The CVS product claimed to be comparable, but was missing four of the six key ingredients from government tests and found in the name brand. (See our previous Mouse Print* stories.)

Coin-Counting Machines May Shortchange You Big Time

We all assume that banks are very accurate in everything they do. Maybe not when it comes to using a bank's coin-counting machines according to an investigative report by NBC's Jeff Rossen, with a cameo appearance by MrConsumer in the video.


Tax Day Deals and Freebies

money To soften the pain of paying your taxes on Monday, April 18, restaurants and other retailers are offering some freebies and discounts that day only. For example, get on stage at Hard Rock Cafe, sing a song, and a get a free burger. Here is a second list of goodies from Bloomberg.

50 More Overlooked Tax Deductions;
25 Common Tax Filing Errors

taxes Accounting firm Ernst & Young offers two important lists for last minute taxpayers: 50 commonly overlooked deductions, and also 25 common tax filing mistakes.

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Mouse Print* -- This University Educates Crooks

mouse print The University of Northern New Jersey is quite a special place. Its primary goal is to teach crooks a very valuable lesson. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's

On Tuesday, April 12, participating Ben & Jerry's retail stores will have their annual "free cone day." See if a store near you is participating (check off "participate free cone day").

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Consumer Reports

9 Cheap or Free Landscaping Tips

Consumer Reports says you can improve the landscape around your house without an awful lot of work. Here are their tips.

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