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Cheapskate's Guide to the Good Life

champagne The Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of 50 ways you can indulge in the good life with ideas of how to score affordable luxury from style steals to décor discounts to steep travel bargains.

How Much is Your Personal Data Worth?

id theft With so many data breaches taking place, where does all this information about us wind up? It gets posted for sale online. And just how much are these thieves selling our personal information for? Your Gmail login is worth $1.04; Netflix is $8.32; Verizon is $15; PayPal is $247, etc. Here's a full list.



Why Your Pharmacist Can't Always Tell You How to Save on Prescriptions

pills We all expect pharmacists to be knowledgeable and helpful when we have questions about the drugs we take. So it may surprise you to learn that they are often forbidden to offer spontaneous tips on how to cut your costs.

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Mouse Print* -- A Macy’s Rebate Gone Wrong

mouse print It is infuriating when you follow all the requirements of a mail-in rebate, and your submission gets denied. That's what happened to scores of our readers who tried to take advantage of a recent "Bargain of the Week" for a free memory foam pillow. That story is in Mouse Print* this week.

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Bargain of the Week

Home Depot Spring Black Friday Sale

Until April 15, Home Depot is running its first big gardening sale of the year. Bags of two cubic feet of mulch are $2 each (as they are at Lowe's), and MiracleGro garden soil (.75 cu. ft.) is $2 as well. Flower/plant prices are regional. Some areas (not MA) have six-packs of annuals for $1.50 -- a product size that Home Depot has not carried for years near me (but 99 cents - a price from yesteryear - would be a better). For comparison, Lowe's is advertising 12-packs for $8. Areas like MA have 25% off flowering bulbs instead.

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10 Things to Know about Today's Washers

If you are in the market for a new washing machine, Consumer Reports wants you to know five things about front loaders, and also five things about top loaders.

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