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Best/Worst Things to Buy in April

DealNews offers their tips on getting (or avoiding) certain deals this month. They say that HDTVs are near Black Friday prices and that middle of the line laptops are priced well. For a sweet tax day treat (and not mentioned specifically in the story), get two free Cinnabon Bites at participating Cinnabon locations on April 15.

How to Stop Robocalls Tackled

Mad at Phone Last week, the FTC announced three winners in its contest to find a technological solution to the problem of robocalling (automated telemarketing phone calls). Some of the solutions had common elements: establishing blacklists, whitelists, and using an audio CAPTCHA to separate human callers from automatic dialers. Here is how one solution, "nomorobo" is designed to work.


Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

tax With the tax deadline next week, millions of taxpayers have procrastinated filling out their tax returns. In their haste, they may want to double-check that they haven't omitted some of the most commonly overlooked tax deductions.

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- When the Chips are Down(sized)...

mouse print Just as this story is being published, major manufacturers of snack chips are downsizing their products. Many bags with "best by" dates in April and early May will give you more for your money. See which brands are chipping away at your pocketbook. That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Bargain of the Week

    Mulch - $2 a Bag

    Home Depot is running a Black Friday sale until April 10. Of particular interest, bags of Scotts mulch (brown, black, or red), 2 cu. ft. each, are 5 for $10. [Lowes appears to be matching the price.] Also, three-pound bags of Scotts grass seed are 50% off. Pricing and availability are regional, so change location for the circular nearest you.

    Consumer Reports - $16.99 - One Day Only

    One day only - Tuesday, April 9 - you can get a one-year subscription to Consumer Reports (new, gift, or renewal) for only $16.99 [their regular $29] by using coupon code CONSWRLD15 when you checkout. Do not finalize the sale unless you see that net price. ++

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