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Most Cars Flunk Headlight Test

credit cards If you have trouble seeing at night when you're driving, it may not be your eyes. A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that of 31 cars tested, only one rated "good" in its headlights test.

Don't Overlook These Tax Deductions

taxes For all you procastinators, you only have two weeks left to do your taxes. Here is a list of often overlooked tax deductions.


Psychic Steals $200-mil from Elderly and Poor

psychic In one of the largest scams in history, a purported psychic, Maria Duval, has swindled some $200 million from one and half million Americans and Canadians alone. Her prey: the old, the poor, the desperate. CNN Money explains in their five-part series (each graphic on top is another chapter).

Consumer World Exclusive

Mouse Print* -- Starbucks Accused of Underfilling Lattes

mouse print Some smart lawyers decided to test whether a Starbucks "grande" latte really had the 16 ounces in the cup that the menu board promised. Guess what? It didn't. And they tested more cups, and typically found them to be underfilled by about 25%! That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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Bargain of the Week

Mulch - $2 a bag!

Two cubic foot bags of mulch (all colors) are only $2 at Home Depot until April 13th. Walmart has similar mulch for $1.96 a bag through April 16. Next sale will probably be over Memorial Day.

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Consumer Reports

Samsung Galaxy S7 Gets Rave from C/R

Consumer Reports says the newly released Samsung Galaxy S7 cellphone may be the best smartphone EVER! Even the WSJ says the new Samsung model outshines Apple's iPhone 6s and all other Androids.

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