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Generic Drug Prices Vary Greatly

pills We have all been taught to ask for the generic equivalent of name brand prescription drugs to save money. But that is not enough according to a new survey of generic drug prices by Consumer Reports. They checked prices at over 200 pharmacies nationwide and found a huge differential in prices. So you also have to compare location to location. If you don't have prescription drug coverage, Consumer World recommends that besides comparison shopping for the lowest price, you also use a discount prescription drug card like NeedyMeds to save even more.

Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

scammer The IRS just issued its annual list of scams that crooks try to pull on taxpayers, and that taxpayers try to pull on the IRS. Both could do severe damage to your wallet.


Dual-Sensor Smoke Detectors Could Save Your Life

smoke detector Dateline NBC recently tested two types of smoke detectors: the ionization type and the photoelectric type. For smokey, smoldering fires, the ionization type that is in most homes, took over 30 minutes to sound [advance video to 2-minute mark]. Yikes! The suggestion is to buy the newer dual-sensor type, that uses both kinds of technology to detect both flaming and smoldering fires.

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Mouse Print* -- No Joke, These Ads are Real

mouse print To celebrate April Fools' Day, Mouse Print* takes a lighthearted look at the fine print of several ads that will make you shake your head and say "huh?" That story is this week in Mouse Print*.

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    Calories on Menus Double-Checked by Consumer Reports

    With many restaurants now listing the calorie and fat content of food on their menus, Consumer Reports decided to see how accurate they were.

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